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The company Lucky Qingdao Commercial Service Ltd is the team which helps to accembling the cutter suction dredgers with best value for the price in China. The client choose: 1) the thickness , quality of metal of every part , 2) select engines, pumps, electronic of International and Chinese brands, 3) we providing full control (pics, video) during assembling the dredgers . Drop us a letter and get your official inviatation letter for applying for visa in Chinese Consulate, located in your country. Awaits you in Qingdao, China !

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Tel: +86-532-88680895 , Fax: +86-532-88680895 , Skype: china9555 , Emails: dredger.biz@yandex.com , sales@dredger.biz

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Dredge max. capacity (Water / Sand)

Dredging depth (Min/Max)
Discharge distance, Meters.

Price ( FOB China , Qingdao) Contact Us About Details:

Shipping cost to Nigeria
1000 m3h / 200 m3h
1.6 m / 10 m
1000 m
200k-300k USD, depends the parts
40,000 USD
1200 m3h / 250 m/h
1.6 m / 10 m
1500 m
300k-400k USD, depends the parts
55,000 USD
2000 m3h / 400 m3h
1.8 m / 14 m
2000 m
500k-600k USD, depends the parts
75,000 USD
3000 m3h / 500 m3h
2 m / 15 m
1000 m
700k-900k USD, depends the parts
105,000 USD
3500 m3h / 700 m3h
2 m / 16 m
1500 m
800k-1000k USD, depends the parts
115,000 USD
5000 m3h / 1000 m3h
2 m / 18 m
1500 m
1100k-1400k USD, depends the parts
125,000 USD
6000 m3h / 1200 m3h
2 m / 18 m
2000 m
1500k-2000k USD, depends the parts
150,000 USD

You may order standart dredger with the capacity (water flow) from 1000 M3/H to 6000 M3/H , (please click and check specifications), or placeyour customorized order, write us and after reviewing by our engeneers, we will be glad to make you an situable offer.

SPECIFICATIONS OF STANDART DREDGERS MODELS (click on the model to see details)
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Reliable and popular engines : Cummins, Man, Caterpillar .

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Tel: +86-532-88680895 , Fax: +86-532-88680895 .

Skype: china9555, Emails: dredger.biz@yandex.com , sales@dredger.biz

Our partners are best (chinese and international) manufacturers of engines , pumps, electronics, oem ships assemblers :
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