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Qingdao Dredging Machinery Co. is manufacturer of reliable cutter suction dredgers with reasonable prices in Qingdao, China. With many clients, buyers, importers in many countries, products different models (hydraulic, electric, sand, gold and trailing hopper cutter suction dredgers, mowing boats). Also accepting different custom orders by buyers needs, please check the pics and video for overview and feel free contact our managers about specifications, quotations, shipping and dredgers in stock.

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Skype: china9555 , china00016
Email: dredger.biz@yandex.com , sales@dredger.biz
Mobil: +86-15063082955 , Tel: +86-532-88680895
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DREDGER PRICES(click to see)

The factory products standart dredgers with the capacity from 500 M3/H to 6000 M3/H, (for models csd100, csd250, csd300, csd350, csd450, csd500, csd600 please send you requests for regular specification to emails: dredger.biz@yandex.com , sales@dredger.biz ). For custom orders: please contact the managers and send them a request with details about: 1. The type of soil, sand, rocks, 2. The planned capacity of the dredge, 3. Distances pulp outlet, 4. Pipe material (steel or plastic), 5. Water depth, 6. Height of possible wave 7. Wind speed. 8. The type of fuel used. Our engineers, based on years of experience designing of the dredgers, will offer the best and cost-effective production option.

Specifications of dredgers for sale (click on the model to see details) .

CSD450, Readiness 100%.

CSD300, Readiness 100%.

CSD200, Readiness 90%.

CSD200, Readiness 50%.

Engines. Only the best-known engines, proven brands such as: Cummins, Man, Caterpillar.

video dredger

Dredger video in workshop.


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Pictures of our dredgers.

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Contact information.

Lucky Qingdao Commercial Service Co., Ltd

Add: No.518, Hong Kong Middle Road,Qingdao City, Shandong Province,China. 

Phone: +86-15063082955 , Tel: +86-532-88680895 , Fax: +86-532-88680895 

Skype: china9555, Emails: dredger.biz@yandex.com , sales@dredger.biz

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